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Hattrick Football Manager | Ingħaqad mad-dinja tal-futbol b'xejn 

Hattrick Football Manager | Ingħaqad mad-dinja tal-futbol b'xejn

L-istorja ta' Hattrick
A game for the ages
With 20 years of unbroken history, Hattrick is a unique game which lets managers to build their own football team legacy in competition with people from all over the world.

Hattrick is free of charge and has always been!

Check our story so far!
Birth (1997)
Hattrick is born August 30 1997. The game is in Swedish only and starts out with a 16 teams test series before expanding to 680 teams in November.
Cult game (1999)
Hattrick quickly becomes a cult game among Swedish Internet users and hits capacity at 2728 users. The queue to get a team exceeds one year!
Going global! (2000)
After a month of downtime Hattrick is back with a completely new design and a bunch of new features. Hattrick is no longer available only in Sweden - you can also play it in English and new international leagues are opened up.
Hattrick celebrates 5 years in 2003 by hitting 60,000 users worldwide.

Already the next year the 100,000 and 250,000 user milestones are passed!

By the 10 year anniversary in 2007 more than 900,000 users all over the world play Hattrick.
The Community
One large reason for Hattrick's growth is the amazing community, which helps us translate the game into more than 50 languages. Our forums become one of the most active on the Web, where users obsess about their Hattrick national teams, training strategies or just the state of the world in general.
Going mobile
While always true to our web origins, more and more users start living through their smartphones. We release our first iPhone app in early 2012, and fully reworked ones for iOS and Android in 2014.

Today, close to 50 % of Hattrick users plays Hattrick from phones or tablets!
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